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We are an agency linked by innovation and creation, focused on trends and design tools, we generate ideas that stimulate, instigate and make consumers want your brand.

"Our greatest mission as an advertising company is to create the best visual communication project, generating a strong bond between your client and your project."

Luciano Rosa - CEO

Analysis of ideas

Requested all ideas and information that the client seeks, to be made an analysis regarding the creation project.

Planning and creation

After completing the analysis regarding the collected data, the next step is to plan and start the development of the project.

Execution and production

At this stage, after project approval, the execution of the plan begins, which is executed in detail with perfection.


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Printed stationery

Creation and production of all visual identity, logo, business cards, envelopes and more.

  • Logo creation
  • Visit cards
  • Flyer's and folder's
  • Catalogs and menus
  • Custom envelopes
  • Receipts and certificates
  • Folders and letterheads
  • Calendars and calendars

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Internal signs

Execution of physical projects, such as cutout logos, nameplates, banner's etc.

  • Logo ACRYLIC / PVC / MDF
  • Banner's and printed
  • Custom Stickers
  • Nameplates
  • Acrylic plates
  • Custom doormat
  • Cutout signs
  • Commercial Videos

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External signage

Execution of commercial façades with and without internal lighting, vehicle envelopes etc.

  • Facade executions
  • Canvas facades
  • ACM facades
  • Printed PVC Plates
  • Totems and luminous
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Facades in relief letters
  • Showcase stickers

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A reputable agency

Permanently obtain the satisfaction of its customers, ensuring the execution of graphic design services with minimum deadlines within technical standards, with the highest quality, and with low cost, aiming at the best graphic service to our customers.
To be a leading company in the area of ​​graphic projects, acting with social responsibility, generating significant and permanent return to owners and providing employees, customers, with the feeling of well-being, satisfaction and fulfillment.
Imastter solutions in design, uses advanced technologies, has professionals specialized in the field of advertising and advertising, which guarantees our customers the provision of services with the highest level of quality, always aiming at agility, responsibility, confidence and the expected result.

Design office

Founded 2012, over 8 years of company, imastter offers graphic designs for small and large companies. Specialized in creation and production, imastter brings with you a huge bag of knowledge, courses and experiences obtained in advertising agencies, newspapers, printers, visual communication companies, photo studio etc. Managed by the entrepreneur Luciano Rosa has become a strong and solid company with its projects, guaranteeing quality and satisfactory results to its customers.

Project results 100%
Service 98.9%
  • 1
    Creativity The fundamental point to develop a project with excellence.
  • 2
    Innovation Change what already exists to something new and better.
  • 3
    Motivation The pleasure of goals achieved.
  • 4
    Inspiration Make something better about a good deed seen.
  • 5
    Communication Sharing something, making a connection between two things.
  • 6
    Perfectionist Be the best, demanding and detailed in everything you set out to do.

Our challenge is to design the best visual identity design, presenting original and effective visual solutions to stand out in the market. Our office works with all aspects of the discipline of design and web design, has a balanced and qualified team to respond to different challenges.

  • Offer the best service;
  • Design the visual pre-project with excellence;
  • Execute with 1st line products in quality;
  • Be fair in the values ​​of the services developed;
  • Ensure satisfaction and partnership with all customers.

Testimonials from our customers

Our customers are our partners and we cannot imagine a better future for our company without helping them achieve their goals.

I indicate 100% the services of imastter, a 4-year partnership, and we only grew with a good investment in design.
Juliano Mendez - ONEGK USA
We have been partners since the beginning of imastter, our company stood out thanks to the friendship of years together.
Fernando Maciel - Intergesso
They were responsible for the creation of our entire visual identity, for another 6 years we only grew together.
Rafael Terna - Evolução Pisos
Our menus have come to life in our space, I highly recommend imastter's services, excellent professional.
Alexandre - Cine Café
Professionals full of hands, quality and distance service and the result was phenomenal in design and print.
Viviane Buneo - China Master
He designed and executed all of our visual identity, from the card to the commercial facade.
Andréa Bernardin - Boutique

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Projects we are proud of

Our Team

We are professionals and great connoisseurs in what we do. An excellent team is formed here to help companies grow and stand out in the market.


Luciano Rosa

CEO - Founder / Director


Aline de Mattos

Finalist Art


Fernando Bispo

Execution of Facades


Juliano Rosa

Sound Editor


We are passionate about design and seeing it thrive

Our goal is to provide design services with total quality, ensuring professional growth for those who hire us. Nothing is more rewarding for us than seeing companies thriving for a long time.

  • Create the best project for your company to earn.
  • Your business needs to thrive, invest in design.

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